Our Story

Halting the propagation of germs, will permit us to go back to the lives we once had, or towards the new ‘normal’ as soon as possible

With over 55 years of combined product development in the apparel industry and distributing various products to some of the U.S.A and Canada’s most renown retailers, Michael Battah and Patrick Noiseux decided to team up together to create North Americas first Reusable Face Mask which is treated with Double Antimicrobial Technology Protection on both the outside and inside layers of the face mask.

What sets the Halt Face Mask apart from all the others, is the safety and comfort. Because while we all know that we’re not supposed to touch our masks or our faces in order not to infect ourselves or spread germs, it has become apparent that very few people outside of operating rooms or the medical profession follow this protocol, simply due to the fact that mostly no one has ever had to wear a face mask before.

Unlike most masks on the market which only have 2 way stretch (in most cases left to right), Halt face masks are produced with a 4-way stretch fabric to optimize comfort and fit, stretching in both directions - across the face and from nose to chin. Its ergonomic design allows the wearer to speak freely without the mask ever touching their lips.

Reusable, washable masks are eco-friendly and cheaper than paper surgical disposable masks, which are intended for single use only. Calculated out, one Halt reusable mask eliminates the need for over 100 single-use masks, with a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Imagine the environmental waste created by throwing away millions of disposable masks everyday! Single-use masks can’t be worn for more than 2-3 hours as their efficacy disappears once they become moist from the user’s breathing. 

Montreal Canada based Proprietary Brand Sourcing Inc. has a long history in creating clothing products that answer the market’s needs in terms of integrating technological innovation, fit, comfort and affordability, and Battah and Noiseux decided to bring this expertise to the Face Mask industry.

Get your Halt Mask today and let’s stop to the propagation of germs…